Exhibitor service

  • Chamber of Commerce of Milan

    (n.40 - Novembre/Dicembre 2011)
    If you wish to submit an application for loan, if you wish to learn the internationalization opportunities for your business, or simply to gather information about the services offered by the Chamber of Commerce, visit us in Milan Chamber of Commerce offices at Fiera Milano in Rho. ..»

  • Subsidized loans for exhibitors have doubled

    (n.40 - Novembre/Dicembre 2011)
    Subsidized loans have doubled for Fiera Milano customers who need bank support in order to take part to exhibitions. Another big bank group, Banca Popolare di Milano, has joined Intesa Sanpaolo in this project. Thanks to the agreements with these two credit institutions, Fiera Milano can offer exhibiting companies interest-free loans for purchasing both fitting-out and services delivered by the societies belonging to the Group, as well as – only for exhibitions directly organized by Fiera Milano – for buying the exhibition area...»

  • Durante EXPO posto auto sicuro per i visitatori di Fiera Milano

    (n. 75 - Maggio 2015)
    Fiera Milano ha predisposto per i visitatori delle mostre in programma nei sei mesi di EXPO 2015 (da maggio a ottobre) un contingente di parcheggi riservati, in base al fabbisogno di posti auto stimato per ogni mostra. A maggior tutela degli operatori in visita, e su raccomandazione della Prefettura, ha anche istituito un sistema di acquisto anticipato obbligatorio ..»

  • Pagamenti affidabili e veloci con MyBank

    (n. 75 - Maggio 2015)
    Fiera Milano offre a tutti i suoi espositori la possibilitą di regolare online l’iscrizione alle mostre, le fatture e gli estratti conto non solo con la carta di credito, ma anche con bonifico elettronico attraverso MyBank. Il nuovo servizio adottato da Fiera Milano consiste in un sistema di pagamento sicuro, affidabile e veloce che consente di effettuare operazioni di autenticazione dell’identitą ..»

  • Assured parking for Fiera Milano visitors during EXPO 2015

    (n. 74 - Aprile 2015)
    Given that the parking spaces around the Rho exhibition district will also be used for EXPO 2015, Fiera Milano has estimated the parking needs for each of the exhibitions scheduled from May to October, based on the figures ..»

  • New name and more trains to Rho

    (n. 73 - Marzo 2015)
    To mark EXPO 2015, Rho-Fiera Milano station gets a new look and a new name. From 6 March, the old stop becomes “Rho Fiera Expo Milano 2015” and from 1 May, the start date for the Universal Exposition, extra ..»

  • Fiera Milano Media and IDG Communications together for CIO Italia and Computerworld

    (n. 73 - Marzo 2015)
    Fiera Milano Media announces the launch of the new Computerworld and CIO sites, considered international benchmarks as far as concerns information, analysis and opinions regarding professional use of IT ..»

  • Anti-counterfeiting service at Fiera Milano to protect exhibitors

    (n. 73 - Marzo 2015)
    Fiera Milano declares war on counterfeiting, which does not only hide in the shadows, but often insinuates its way into trade shows, counting on the limited duration of the event, which prevents the ..»

  • Fiera Milano branded gitf at Fiera Milano store

    (n. 72 - Febbraio 2015)
    Introducing Fiera Milano branded gifts, set to have their own exclusive store in the heart of the Milan-Rho exhibition centre inside the Nolostand showroom, located along the walkway under the large glass and steel roof and opposite the entrance to the Service ..»

  • The Infomobility service extended with Aci

    (n. 71 - Gennaio 2015)
    Fiera Milano's traffic information service goes into its fifth year, with additional bulletins and content: non-stop bulletins from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., as well as information on the city ..»

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