Exhibitor service

  • Chamber of Commerce of Milan

    (n.40 - Novembre/Dicembre 2011)
    If you wish to submit an application for loan, if you wish to learn the internationalization opportunities for your business, or simply to gather information about the services offered by the Chamber of Commerce, visit us in Milan Chamber of Commerce offices at Fiera Milano in Rho. ..

  • Subsidized loans for exhibitors have doubled

    (n.40 - Novembre/Dicembre 2011)
    Subsidized loans have doubled for Fiera Milano customers who need bank support in order to take part to exhibitions. Another big bank group, Banca Popolare di Milano, has joined Intesa Sanpaolo in this project. Thanks to the agreements with these two credit institutions, Fiera Milano can offer exhibiting companies interest-free loans for purchasing both fitting-out and services delivered by the societies belonging to the Group, as well as – only for exhibitions directly organized by Fiera Milano – for buying the exhibition area...

  • The Infomobility service extended with Aci

    (n. 71 - Gennaio 2015)
    Fiera Milano's traffic information service goes into its fifth year, with additional bulletins and content: non-stop bulletins from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., as well as information on the city ..

  • New-gen Wi-Fi at MiCo

    (n. 70 - Novembre / Dicembre 2014 )
    Twenty-five thousand devices connected simultaneously to a single Wi-Fi network at the speed of one gigabyte a second. This is the new digital reality at MiCo, made possible thanks to the new-gen Wi-Fi platform installed in the Fiera Milano ..

  • Success for the Smart Catalog

    (n.69 - Ottobre 2014)
    Operators at the 29th BI.MU-Sfortec gave full marks to "Smart Catalog", the brand new digital catalogue developed by Fiera Milano, a "living", continually evolving catalogue..

  • Green car sharing “e-vai” at Fiera Milano

    (n. 68 - Settembre 2014)
    Another, practical, green, way of travelling to Fiera Milano: from Friday 29 August at the Rho exhibition ..

  • Digital advertising comes to Fiera Milano

    (n. 68 - Settembre 2014)
    From September the Fiera Milano exhibition district in Rho will be equipped with a video circuit ..

  • Move and Pay Business

    (n. 68 - Settembre 2014)
    Intesa Sanpaolo, an established figure at Fiera Milano in Rho with an in-fair branch serving exhibitors ..

  • Parking at Fiera Milano

    (n. 64 - Aprile 2014)
    From 1 April 2014 there will be some changes in parking fees: stays of up to 4 hours: € 12.00; stays from 4 to a maximum of 24 hours: € 16.50 euro ..

  • EXPO 2015: Fiera Milano takes part in the EO15 project

    (n.63 - Marzo 2014)
    Fiera Milano takes part in the launch of E015 – digital ecosystem by making its calendar of events available. ..

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